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Social commitment is a key component of the culture at msg, as well as our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We act on our social responsibility at numerous levels

Initiatives and projects
Initiatives and projects

We support different initiatives and social projects by donating funds, non-cash gifts and our time. We are particularly proud of all our colleagues who dedicate their time to good causes and really put their heart and soul into them.

Social aspects of the msg culture
Social aspects of the msg culture

We want all our employees to feel at home at msg. That is why our “A People Perspective” program promotes a culture of appreciation that gives people creative freedom, encourages participation and paves the way for positive working relationships.

Contribution to the open source community
Contribution to the open source community

As an organization with extensive IT skills, we not only make numerous contributions to existing open- source projects, but also make our own software available as open source.

Employee commitment to public benefit

At msg, our employees’ IT competences do not just mean success in day-to-day business, but in IT projects that fall outside the typical scope as well. Here are just a few examples of how our colleagues use their know-how for the common good.

Water for the world

Viva Con Agua is an aid organization based out of Hamburg that is committed to clean and safe drinking water for the entire world. msg implemented a web shop for the initiative through which pieces by a wide range of artists can be sold. The proceeds go toward funding clean drinking water projects around the entire world. Our colleague Niclas was involved in the project himself and shared his experience on the msg career blog.

©️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ Millerntor Gallery 2019, Mike Schaefer
#WirVsVirus - Us against the virus
New perspectives in the know-how workshop

Commitment to the environment

Many colleagues at our msg locations or our msg group locations are committed to protecting the environment. In addition to the msg group’s core goals of sustainable management and cutting CO2 emissions in half by 2025, their activities help promote important local initiatives for a cleaner environment.

City biking to protect the environment

Cities and communities can participate in the nation-wide “city biking to protect the environment” competition, an initiative aimed at getting locals excited about getting out of their cars and onto their bikes for their everyday activities. The goal is to have teams bike every day for 21 days, rack up miles and prevent a whole bunch of CO2 in the process. Many of our colleagues at our different msg locations joined in the fun again in 2020, among them 40 msg employees from our headquarters in Ismaning.

Goodbye, plastic bags

Exercise for a good cause

We never run out of time to exercise! For example, our colleagues participate in a variety of company runs across Germany. So why not combine exercise and fun for a good cause?

Every kilometer counts

For years now, msg employees at our location in Chemnitz have been participating in the annual hospice charity run hosted by Hospiz- und Palliativdienst Chemnitz e.V, an organization dedicated to hospice and palliative care. The goal is to run as many kilometers as possible in no more than 90 minutes. For every kilometer run by our motivated colleagues, msg makes a financial contribution that benefits the organization.

Heading south on your bike
#runforIT – A virtual success


msg supports initiatives, institutions and non-profit organizations with regular financial contributions and non-cash gifts. The goal of the central company donations is to provide safety and security. Organizations have been able to rely on msg’s financial help for years and our donations help them plan their futures. msg also makes financial contributions to support projects that are close to our colleagues’ hearts as well.

Equitable and sustainable education for all!

Because equitable, sustainable and future-proof education for all is important to us, we support the non-profit organization Zukunft Digitale Bildung. The aim of Zukunft Digitale Bildung is to support teachers in actively shaping digital change in the education system in order to ensure the basis for a future-oriented and sustainable change in education.

Children’s laughter is the best thing ever
Joy under the Christmas tree

MiM - A people perspective

2017 08 03 MIM RGBOur employees are our most important success factor. Our “A People Perspective” program further strengthens our focus on the individual within the context of how we act as a company and allows us to work together in developing our company culture.


Your Health LogoWe want our employees to stay healthy. As part of our “YOUR HEALTH” company health management program, we provide a comprehensive offer to help make that happen. You select the modules that best suit your needs: From eye exams and walk-in appointments with the company physician to ergonomic advice. We also offer a wide range of health-related classes that help employees figure out how to stay fit and perform their best. Events like the msg health day or movement breaks complement our offer.

YOUR HEALTH focuses on a specific topic each year and a variety of corresponding events are planned. In 2019 we focused on “physical health and relaxation”. In 2020 and 2021 it was all about a “healthy diet”. The diagram below shows which topics we plan to focus on in the next few years. These will allow the company health management program, or CHM, to further expand other health measures; whether directly at msg locations or as measures that can be implemented anywhere.

Proximity to the customer: The “Holmes” open source library

msg operates Holmes, a Python-based open source library for extracting information from English and German texts. Holmes uses predicate logic to capture the meaning of the sentences it analyzes. The library supports many use cases, including chatbots, documentation classification and intelligent search queries. After all, Holmes is much more than just a traditional keyword search.

Modern interface technology: GraphQL web APIs

Together a team of msg employees developed an open source software called GraphQL IO Java. The goal of the project was to achieve advantages over the reference implementation of Facebook – as well as to make the use thereof more charming and attractive for developers. In summary: Anyone wanting to implement modern GraphQL web APIs with subscriptions in Java is in the right place with msg and this project.

Inspired by gamers: Remote training with head-up display and in full HD

Making training events available remotely as quickly as possible was msg’s top priority once the COVID lockdown hit. Unfortunately, the otherwise extremely popular and widely used online conference solutions Microsoft Teams and Zoom were only of limited assistance. That is because they were designed to offer high resolution with low frame rates for screen sharing (content) and low resolution with high frame rates when using a webcam (trainer). For high-quality training, however, we wanted high resolution for both content and trainer as well as a truly flicker-free display.

Because of this lack of adequate solutions, Dr. Ralf S. Engelschall, who is the head of msg’s Applied Technology Research cross division, a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation and the winner of the Software Engineering Price 2018, decided to develop an alternative video streaming solution: Live Video Experience (LiVE), a highly-optimized video setup that enables flicker-free, full HD transmission in real time and professional audio quality so that participants’ attention is held even during an 8-hour training course.

The solution, which was inspired by video game live streaming and is based on the same kind of technology, including OBS Studio, primarily uses a unique, clever and custom head-up display (HUD) to display and control the training information and is placed right in the video stream. The LiVE setup has been extensively used by and at msg ever since.

The software components required to do so were mainly implemented in JavaScript and published as open source software. More about LiVE at https://video-​

Our employees are a good example

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