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Top address at one of the biggest
IT locations in Germany

With its new office in Karlsruhe, msg has joined the prestigious digital location. Experience our modern work environment in Baden’s IT stronghold.

Available positions at our Karlsruhe location
Impressions of our spatial concept
Impressions of our very own flair in Karlsruhe
Impressions of our "green oasis"

The newly occupied office building near Karlsruhe’s Grossmarkt covered market is centrally located in the eastern part of the city called Oststadt and is easily accessible by public transit. The area is a bustling industrial area surrounded by art, culture and gastronomy with many shopping options nearby. It also offers a direct connection to the key hubs of the city.

From both a geographic and a strategic perspective, our proximity to the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and to Karlsruhe’s university is also very important to us.
Both locations are easily reached by public transit from our location. Many of our colleagues went to school there and are now proactively involved in winning over new talent whether through school campaigns, trade fairs or other events. 

Am Großmarkt 10
76137 Karlsruhe
  +49 721 6674-0