Tradition & The Modern in the Metropolis on the Rhine

From two unique locations in the greater Cologne area arise software solutions for customers from a wide variety of industries. Experience the lifestyle of the Rhineland at msg in Cologne

Available positions at our Cologne location

First-Class Office Infrastructure and Beautiful Roof-Top Terrace

The floor-to-ceiling windows at our Cologne Cubus location mean our employees enjoy well-lit, bright offices. We have approximately 3,100 square meters of offices that span the fifth and sixth floors of the building and are outfitted based on the latest standards. Employees can prepare meals brought from home in our large, industrial-style lounge kitchen. The large rooftop terrace on the other hand provides a space not only for a breath of fresh air or an outdoor lunch, but also offers a fantastic panoramic view of the cathedral city.

Our rooftop terrace is second-to-none in Cologne and is an absolute highlight at our company parties and events; it is also a popular haunt for all our employees at our Cologne Cubus location.

Right in the Heart of the Cathedral City

Located right between the Deutz and Kalk neighborhoods, our Cologne Cubus location is easy to access from highway 55a. For those who prefer public transportation, the “Corintostrasse” bus stop is within walking distance and connects to local public transportation, while the center of Cologne is not even a 15-minute walk away. The modern Kalk Arcarden Mall is only a five minute walk. If the afterwork “sundowner” on the roof-top terrace is not quite enough, the local Bürgerpark park and Pyramiden Park recreational areas are nearby and offer two more spots to rest and relax.

Industries and Units at the Cologne Cubus Location

Relaxed Work Environment and Team Spirit in Action

The cheerful offices at the Hürth location are located in a modern office building that offers a large number of offices, well-equipped conference rooms and options for free parking. The free coffee, a catered breakfast service and a kitchen to prepare meals brought from home are all part of the high standard at our location. During their lunch break, msg employees are also free to use the canteens at the two adjacent film studios.

The work environment at our Hürth location is pleasant and relaxed. Teamwork and team spirit are important here. Our annual business unit meetings, business division meetings and departmental events with athletic activities (such as canoeing and archery) and local tours all aim to strengthen our sense of team spirit and the work we do together. Many of our colleagues join in corporate challenge races like the Business Run, organize game nights and animated movie nights, go to the movies together or meet up to grill together.

Prime Location at the Gates to the City

Our office building is located in the immediate vicinity of the Medienpark media hotspot in the north of Hürth, right at the gates to the city of Cologne. It is easy to reach by car or by public transportation.
In recent years, Hürth has turned into a popular media location with around 80 media companies, and its close proximity to Cologne means it enjoys both great infrastructure and a strong economic middle class as well as the diverse cultural, shopping and exercise options of the cathedral city. At the same time, you do not have to go far at all to reach one of the local recreational areas.

Industries & Units at the Cologne-Hürth Location

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Discover our vacancies at the Cologne location

The advertised positions do not differentiate between the two locations Cologne Cubus and Hürth, as the exact allocation depends on the industry and the project. During your interview, you will find out from which location you will be supporting us.