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As a trainee at msg, you can choose your own professional focus and get started in one of our many industries or fields. A career in IT or consulting is waiting for you!

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PROFESSIONAL START offers the benefits of both a trainee program and a traditional start to your career:

Over the course of 12 months, we combine training courses and hands-on phases to make sure you are perfectly prepared for a future with us. In addition to a permanent employment contract and full salary, a wide range of seminars and certifications for professional, method-based and personal growth awaits you from day one.
Your program is, of course, tailored specifically to you and the professional direction and industry you have chosen to ensure you are well-prepared for your first project.
Numerous community events allow you to interact with experienced colleagues, build your professional network and grow with other trainees to form a dedicated team.

A look at the highlights that await you

Start in November, company can be joined at any time

Permanent employment contract

Full salary, just like a full-time entry level position

Extensive development budget

Team events and networking

How your trainee program works

Start in November

Kick-off / onboarding

You and your fellow trainees will come together on a set date and find out everything you need to know about getting started and begin building your network.

Start in November

Phase 1

Off-the-job training

  • IT-specific training courses
  • Project management know-how
  • Soft skills training courses
  • Multi-day group case study

Two professional directions are available and details can be found on the pages specific to those fields, either IT or business.

End of phase 1

Final workshop

Group completion of phase 1 with all trainees from your program and your superiors.

End of phase 1

Phase 2

Individual qualification and project deployment

Phase 2 consists of the following components:

    • Near-the-job (vestibule) training: You will have an extensive, personal development budget after phase 1 as well
    • Hands-on work: You will gain initial project experience in the field or industry you have selected
    • Trainee meetings (such as, e.g., “lessons learned” events)
    • Central contact for all trainees

Completion of your PROFESSIONAL START

Closing event

Festive, group completion event with all trainees from your program and your superiors.

Completion of your PROFESSIONAL START

After your training program

Next step for your career

Once you have completed your trainee program, your work will resume as you join diverse projects and benefit from the variety of options available for a career in your field, in project work or in management.

Coding or consulting – choose your field

The PROFESSIONAL START program is available in two different professional directions. The following will describe what you will need to bring to the table for each specialization, which training content your selected program will offer and which industries and fields you will be able to join. 
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Training as an IT consultant or software engineer (m/f/i)

Focus on IT
PROFESSIONAL START in the Business field


Training as a business consultant or project manager (m/f/i)

Focus on Business

Impressions from our trainee program

The perfect start in IT consulting is waiting for you! Apply for our PROFESSIONAL START program now!