Your trainee
program for IT

Looking to actively drive digitalization projects once you
complete your training in IT consulting or software engineering?
Then our IT program is right for you!

The IT-focused version of our twelve-month PROFESSIONAL START program equips you with the skills and know-how you need to get started in one of our many and challenging IT projects, e.g., as an IT consultant or software engineer. 
The following describes what you can expect as an IT trainee and which fields you will be able to get started in.

Base module for all trainees

The first phase of PROFESSIONAL START is organized into two modules. The first, the base module, is designed for all trainees regardless of which focus they have chosen.
Following a group kick-off, you will attend a series of basic training courses, which will teach you the basics of working in IT consulting. 


Program info, reciprocal learning, interaction with other trainees

Soft skills
Soft skills

Training courses in topics such as communication, presentation and remote meetings

Project approach
Project approach

Training courses in agile methods and applied project management

Internal msg know-how
Internal msg know-how

Get to know the different divisions at msg

Profile module for the IT program

Upon completion of the base module, PROFESSIONAL START branches into the profile module for either IT or business. 
As a trainee in the field of IT, the program begins to be more tailored to the direction you have chosen. One potential module in this context is the group hackathon with the other trainees in your module. This module allows you to contribute your existing know-how to the team as well as gain initial real-life, hands-on experience. You will be given the details on your program itinerary when you start your trainee program.

At the core of this profile module is the multi-day case study. During the case study, you and your fellow trainees will take on a major task with each individual trainee deployed based on their skills and the focus they have chosen. You will also be given the opportunity to try out other roles as well. You will be faced with both an actual professional challenge as well as an intensive practice project, which will give you a good idea of what real-life workflows are like and of the project models used in day-to-day work at msg.

A day-long group workshop concludes phase 1. In the workshop, you will report on your experiences to date and present the results of your case study.

Project deployment (on-the-job training)

Phase 2 of the trainee program will primarily take place in your department and in your project deployment where you will be able to grow into your role as a junior IT consultant or software developer. You will be supported by your superior and your fellow project members as well as your central trainee program contact.

During this phase, you will see your fellow trainees in regular meetings or networking events.

Qualification (near-the-job training)

When it comes to your personal growth, phase 2 gets you off to a good start:

You will work with your superior to create a training package that is perfectly customized for you. You can put your package together using training courses from our internal training catalog or from external providers.
A generous credit budget will be at your disposal for your personal growth plan, which you can independently spend on different activities (each training, whether external or internal, costs a certain number of credits).

These individualized development measures will allow you to specialize in specific areas and get you ready for future IT projects.

The perfect start in IT consulting is waiting for you! Apply for our PROFESSIONAL START program now!

What else you should know about our trainee program

What do I need to bring to the table?

Do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, excellent analytical skills and are you a team player? Then you have already met three key requirements. We also appreciate those who are proactive, interested in consulting, enjoy digitalization topics and have a certain willingness to travel.

Finally, for those wishing to go into IT, it is a big advantage if you already have some experience with the Java or C# programming languages.

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