What is your primary job?

As the division manager, I create the frameworks and conditions necessary to ensure we are successful in our work for and with our customers.

In your opinion, what makes the Consumer Products business unit unique?

Quite clearly - diversity. In our division, different technologies, methods, cultures, nationalities and forms of education come together to create “New Data Solutions”. We maintain a regular exchange of knowledge. Everyone is ready and willing to learn from one another and to grow.

When did you start coding and which programming languages did you use?

I taught myself to code at the age of twelve. In order to do so, I ordered a book from the USA without really knowing what was in it. My father was pretty mad since bank transfers were not as easy then as they are today. I proceeded to program my first game with a Z80 assembler. I still really enjoy coding in my downtime. Nowadays, I build applications in Swift with my son.