What is your primary job?

Hey there! I am Viktoria, a working student and have been with msg since March 2018. My main job is to help with daily operations, internal processes and projects. I help wherever assistance is needed, which includes doing the legwork for sales activities, creating customer references, internal process improvement and lots more. The methodology skills I learned during my management information systems studies are very helpful in the work I do.

How did you end up at msg?

I found out about msg at the “koaktiva” trade fair in Dortmund in 2017. I began my internship semester in March 2018 as an intern in internal quality management. That was followed by my Bachelors thesis, which I completed in collaboration with msg. I started working part-time as a working student when I began my master’s degree.

What was your first computer and what operating system did it have?

My first very own computer was one I configured and built myself at the age of 14 with my brother’s and my father’s help. The first operating system it ran on was Windows XP.