What is your primary job?

I am part of our network (and security) team that operates and supports the msg group’s global company network for all units connected technically. This not only covers individual locations, but our own data center here in Ismaning, as well as the cloud, which we are currently expanding and building. As a logistics company for data bundles, we are involved in almost every (internal) project of a digital company, which can range from simple, minor tasks to project management and major implementations.

How did you end up at msg?

As a repeat offender, I have ended up at msg twice. The first time was back in 2001 at the request of a friend who had moved to Munich for love and landed at msg. That was a huge step for me at the time: moving away my hometown, the apartment shortage and not knowing anyone besides my friend. The second time came after a four-year “parental leave”. I was already unhappy with my job at the time and realized at my birthday party that most of my friends were involved with msg. That told me it was time to approach msg. Now I have been back for four years and it just feels right. I look forward every day to working with my colleagues.

What is your favorite band?

Fanta 4! Which made it all the more painful that because of Covid msg had to cancel its 40th anniversary party, where a Fanta 4 concert at the Olympiahalle arena was supposed to be one of the highlights!