What is your main job at msg industry advisors?

I am part of the market team and am the engagement manager for two large key accounts in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, which means I am responsible for advancing their accounts. The role of engagement manager is very important for developing these accounts as I am the customer's central point of contact for all their concerns. My field of expertise is organizational development in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Therefore, it is a wonderful thematic fit that we are mainly responsible for defining and setting up the customer's organization at a successful German vaccine manufacturer in the production-related IT environment with our great team and that we support them as advisors in all crucial areas with colleagues.

What key properties should a successful consultant have?

To be successful, a consultant has to be able to gain their customer’s trust. After all, customers only entrust long-term projects to external consultants they trust themselves. The “trust” factor is an elementary part of a customer relationship and when coupled with other elements, it is what makes a consultant a successful consulted and trusted advisor.

Where will your next vacation take you?

My wife Anja, my son Paul and I love being out on the open roads of Europe in our mobile home “Berni” and enjoying time in the sun. On our next trip, we are going to head to the French Riviera and follow the sun :).