Stefan, what route did your career path take and what is your primary job at msg?

I joined msg in 2016 as part of the Public Sector Security Consulting where I worked as a Lead Business Consultant promoting information security, data protection and compliance as serious business fields in the public sector. Since 2018, I have been shaping these issues as part of the management and am responsible for team development, employee development and acquiring new orders. In 2021, Security Advisors became its own unit and we offer consulting services in the field of cyber security to a wide variety of industries. Together with my team, I am currently developing an IT compliance risk management method for companies.

Why have you stayed at msg for so long?

Following my time as a business consultant in a company led by Americans, I received an offer in the spring of 2016 to help develop the Security Consulting business field at msg. I particularly liked the fact that msg was an owner-run and self-financed company as that allows for long-term development and sustainable planning. What I especially appreciate about my own job is the amount of freedom I have, the autonomy I am given and the high degree of collegiality. This “package” based on the company’s strong foundation and the personal opportunities at msg motivates me and is a secret to success.

How did you end up at msg back in the day?

The contact was established through a former colleague who had recently joined msg. He told me about the opportunities msg had offered him. I was impressed.