Was sind Deine Aufgaben bei den msg industry advisors?

What do you do at msg industry advisors?

I am in charge of training within the context of IT projects. Especially with major IT implementation projects, it is important to define which users need which know-how. To that end, it is essential to develop the right training strategy, set up the corresponding training infrastructure and ensure that when all is said and done, users actually understand the new processes and can use them in the new systems.

What do you appreciate most about the culture at mia?

What I appreciate most at mia is the sense of collegiality you experience every day. We always work with and never against one another. Not only does that make customer projects better, but bolsters the individuals. On top of that, we live a culture of trust. For the most part, I am allowed to organize my own work and my colleagues and superiors always have my back.

Are you more of a home office or in-the-office person?

I think a healthy mix is the way to go! That is another thing I really appreciate: It is completely up to me whether I work from home or meet up with colleagues at one of our many locations. There are four different locations in my area alone, which makes the day-to-day nice and diverse.