What are your main tasks as a trainee at msg?

At the moment I am working on a small web application project. By using the right combination of hands-on work and theory, I am learning front-end web development with Angular. What I really like is that I am allowed to work independently and I have a lot of freedom to shape my topics. I meet with my trainers on a daily basis – whether online or at the office – to discuss my goals and work steps for the day. They spend lots of time answering my questions and are always there for me, whether in functional or organizational matters.

Besides expertise related to programming, I am also learning a lot of other things. For example, I have the opportunity to make presentations to our small group of trainees in order to improve my presentation techniques. The other trainees and my trainers are always willing to help me with school-related topics too.

What is so unique about your team?

Since I am still fairly new to the team and started during COVID, I was not able to meet all of the colleagues in my department in person; however, that never stopped them from having an open ear for me any time I needed them. I received a warm welcome and was fully integrated into the team right away. My start was so well organized, despite the circumstances, that any concerns I had were alleviated right from the start.

What personal items would we find on your desk?

I don’t have any personal items on the desk in my office yet; however, just check the drawer right next to my desk at home! I have a stockpile of snacks and sweets there. Especially Haribo Smurfs. You will almost always find those in there.