Who are you and what has your career at msg been life so far?

I am an economist, family man and father, and project manager. I oversee international programs and projects, advise and train in the field of project management, and conduct audits. I was allowed to participate in the audit of a major project at msg right from the start. After holding different positions at msg, I now oversee the Project Management and Agility Center of Competence at Research. This allows me to advance different topics in this field, centrally, actively and group-wide.

How does msg Research help you develop and advance your topics?

In many ways. On the one hand, we have a dedicated, versatile and creative team. On the other, I enjoy a lot of creative freedom and support. Moreover, Research also provides operational and technical support for training courses, organizational matters, videos and much more.

If you were stranded on a remote island, how would you spend your time there?

I would plan and carry out two projects: my escape - and my long-term stay.