What is your role at msg?

As an associate business consultant, I am in charge of the topic of enterprise architecture in Public Sector.

In my day-to-day work, I not only deal with architectures, but with the topics of process management, requirements management and organizational structure. As part of that, I analyze processes and requirements, which are documented, enhanced and integrated into concepts.

What was your first day of work at msg like?

Because of COVID, I only made a brief appearance at the msg location in Munich in order to get my work equipment up and running allowing me to work from home after that. All other information and introductory events were done remotely. Smaller group discussions helped me get to know other new colleagues, just like it would have been during an official in-person Start Day.

What do you really appreciate about your work?

In consulting in general, and at msg in particular, I like the diversity and advanced education opportunities. msg also offers recreational options, such as yoga classes or internal events and lectures, which I myself really appreciate since I like sports and connecting with colleagues.