What is your professional background and what made you want to work for msg Research?

I have a multidisciplinary degree in IT and did my doctorate in usability research. While completing my degrees, I also spent ten years working in the UX division of a research institute. After taking parental leave, I just happened to discover msg Research and immediately thought it was the perfect fit. I enjoy working in cross-sector innovation projects and I like sharing my know-how during training events, in communities and in publications.

Which core topics are you in charge of and do you drive at msg Research?

My passion is people-centric design. It is important to me that a solution focus on the user, whether designing the user experience for a single system or engaging in design thinking for new innovations.

What does an innovative, creative approach mean to you?

In my opinion, it is important that a creative process has a sound structure as well. A predefined approach and established methods help ensure innovative and beneficial solutions, and it often takes many iterations to make sure the final solution meets needs of the target group. It is also important to critically assess and optimize your own approach – and to make creative modifications where necessary.