Your trainee program
in the Automotive division

Get started now: The process

First, you will attend the msg start day and the PROFESSIONAL START kick-off; these will be followed by a two-month training phase. During this time, you will complete a combination of training courses that focus on professional, technical and method-based content, as well as soft skills, all of which will prepare you for the work you will do going forward.

A key component of this phase is the three-week case study. The case study will teach you to use your know-how and skills in a practical setting. You will actively experience all phases of a project, familiarize yourself with the different roles involved in a project and find out how location-wide collaboration works at msg. In order to strengthen your learning goals, you and your team will present the results of your project work to management as part of a final workshop.

Throughout the course of the training phase, you will be expanding your competences and will have numerous opportunities to network with experienced msg colleagues. You will also get to know many different msg business locations.

During the next sixteen months of your training, you can work on expanding your own personal strengths. While gaining hands-on experience, you will also be given the freedom to put together a personal development plan from the options available in our training program.

The program is complemented by regular community events and networking meet-ups where you can make important contacts with other new employees and experienced colleagues from across the company from the very start.

A celebratory graduation event is hosted at the end of your PROFESSIONAL START to celebrate your successful completion of the program with upper management and your fellow your professionals.

An experienced colleague will serve as your mentor throughout the entire program.

An overview of the benefits

Your career start through PROFESSIONAL START in the Automotive division

PROFESSIONAL START in the Automotive divison starts in November 2021. You can also enter msg before that.