What is your primary job?

I am currently involved in two projects that are happening simultaneously:

  1. I am testing Java applications on Linux that were programmed by an external company. These Java applications will later be used by a major telecommunications provider to, for example, check customer Internet connections and identity problems and disruptions. I like using automated tests to do so, which can be created using Robot Framework.
  2. I configure and test Java software on Linux for a major telecommunications provider, who will use the software to authenticate and authorize millions of Internet users on landlines and cellular networks.

How did you end up at msg?

A few colleagues from my previous employer had switched to msg. I decided to as well at their recommendation.

What was your first computer and what operating system did it have?

A Commodore 64 with an internal operation system and a Datasette. The Datasette was used to import programs from music cassettes.