Who are you and what are your responsibilities at msg Research?

I am a user experience designer. In that role, I discuss the software developed by msg with future users and find out what they need. I then design the user interfaces for our software products. Ideally, my work ensures that our software is easy to understand, efficient and easy to use as well as attractive. At msg Research, I oversee the Center of Competence for User Experience, plan training courses, cultivate the exchange of know-how throughout msg and coordinate the project deployment of Research’s UX experts.

How does msg Research help you realize your responsibilities and goals?

I enjoy acquiring new knowledge and sharing my own knowledge with others. What I appreciate most about msg Research is that I can live out that passion here. For me, Research is both a place where I can learn an incredible amount about other fields from experienced colleagues, while also being in a place that offers so many opportunities for sharing my passion for user research with people from inside and outside msg: from a conference presentation on writing articles to hosting training courses. We work for many different units at msg as well, which gives me insight into a wide variety of fields. There is never a dull moment here!

What is it about the Chaos Communication Congress (C3) that you like so much?

The annual meeting of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is a celebration of creativity and is nerdy in the best way possible. I discover something fascinating around every corner. From a self-programmed sewing machine and IT security presentations to coffee nerds, there are so many people wandering around who are interested in the details of a topic and in how to create something special. I have yet to meet someone who is not excited to talk about their project and everyone is so friendly as well. I always leave the Congress feeling inspired and energized.