What is your primary job?

My primary job at msg industry advisors actually covers a wide range of tasks and always depends on the nature of a given project and my role in it. I have already acted as project management office, computer system validator and data steward. My focus in that context is on the field of commercial excellence where I help customers better understand their own customers and their own customers’ needs. As part of my work, I assist with data collection and analysis by defining validation rules and concepts for ensuring and enhancing data quality. In addition, I am also involved in marketing and sales topics that help our customers better attract customers.

What key properties should a successful consultant have?

In my opinion, flexibility is one of the most important features needed in consulting in order to be well-equipped to handle changing projects, activities and customer requirements. Another fundamental feature is problem solving skills, since as consultants, one of our primary tasks is to assist customers with their problems. Just as essential are self-organization and a well-structured work method as it is easy to get lost in all the tasks and fields of activity. Further skills that should not be overlooked for a successful consultant are the ability to be convincing and solid presentation skills, interpersonal and management skills as well as strategic thinking.

Are you more of a home office or in-the-office person?

I am neither fully one nor the other. I prefer a hybrid form of work where I average 1-2 days a week at the office or at a customer location, but spend the rest working from home. Since I joined the workforce during the pandemic, I only experienced traditional office life during an internship I did while at university. However, I only miss office life to a limited extent, since it is so much less efficient and you spend a lot of time on unproductive activities like getting to and from the office. However, since I do enjoy interacting with people, that aspect should not be missing altogether.