Judith, what is your primary task in the Healthcare division?

I have already held a variety of roles related to methodology. At the moment, for example, I am involved in a variety of projects in which I am responsible for requirements analysis. I like working with customers to create a common vision and a loose wish list and then using those to create structured requirements that can then be implemented. I always love seeing the user stories we designed together in the actual product after they have been implemented.
I have also been heading up the “Methodology” competence community in our business division since the start of the year.

Why do you like working at msg?

I like the collegiality at msg best, which is something I noticed during my very first visit to my current location – back when I was still a student. The prospective employees received a warm welcome and even employees that were not directly involved in the event joined us during the break and patiently answered all my questions. That is what won me over at the time – and is still something I experience every day in my projects.

Where are you headed on your next vacation?

As far as we are allowed to and that is currently advisable. I look forward to a time when I can just toss my backpack over my shoulder and go again. My goal is to visit 100 different countries. On my last vacation, I rented a car and drove from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park and Cape Town – an incredibly long distance, but so worth it!