Janina, what is your core job?

Under the online access act, all administrative services must be available online by the end of 2022. For many German states, this is being accomplished through digital application forms that can be processed by the administrative offices without media disruptions. Along the lines of requirement workshops, I design initial prototypes and support customers from start to go-live. Within that framework, I oversee all tasks that have to be performed before acceptance. We document requirements, draft test cases and recommend barrier-free and user-oriented designs.

What has been your biggest success in your time with msg to date?

My biggest success was the launching of forms under the Infection Protection Act in the spring of 2020. We were able to present the customer with initial prototypes in a matter of days and were able to launch them within weeks. It is one of the most-used services in the German state we provided the digital form for.

What do you really appreciate about your work?

Driving digital transformation in the public sector is a job with a “purpose”. The digital services provided as part of our projects make a real contribution to ensuring community services are available online.