Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! My name is Jakob, I am an IT consultant and have been with msg since the fall of 2018.

My main field of responsibility is software development. Within that field, I not only assist with the maintenance of our existing systems, but also draft and develop new features and applications. At the same time, I am also required to coordinate issues with customers from time to time. As part of my development work, I have used a wide variety of technologies in my projects. For example, language-assistance systems, Android apps or even client/server applications with Spring Boot and Angular. Even agile work methods are part of my work.

How did you end up at msg?

I found my way to msg back when I was still a student. Friends, who were studying the same thing I was, recommended msg when I started looking for an internship. Then at the university’s job fair, I was able to chat with a few employees and was once again convinced that msg would give me the chance to participate in diverse and exciting projects. That is why I joined msg.

What is your favorite video game?

I prefer games that are based on an interesting story and where you learn something while you play too. For example, games like “The Witcher” series or even “The Legend of Zelda”. Recently, one of my favorites is “Ghost of Tsushima”.