What is your primary job?

On the one hand, I work on the creation and optimization of information security management systems, cyber security management systems in compliance with ISO 21434 or GDPR-compliant processes for customers. On the other hand, I also advise our customers on security architecture topics and the implementation of security measures in procedures (IAM, software development, DevOps, etc.) or on specific IT products. Particularly interesting to me are the glimpses I gain into the field of e-Mobility, the vehicle technologies of the future and other interesting technical topics outside the realm of information security.

What technologies fascinate you the most and why?

Most fascinating to me are new technologies since you can actively shape them and solutions are not readily available.

Although it is challenging always having to stay on top of things, working in teams that use the latest technologies is exactly what is most fun for me. Within that environment I often meet colleagues who are on the same wavelength as I am.

What made you decide to work in a field of consulting that focuses on information security?

In contrast to an IT position at a customer site, IT consulting offers more diversity and insight into a wide variety of industries and my work allows me to ask questions about the industry that have always interested me. The different people you can meet and the different perspectives about the same topic that you encounter through conversations with a variety of people at different levels of management, all give me important insight that I would not otherwise get.