Who are you and what are your key responsibilities?

Hi! I am Franz and I have been doing a dual study program in msg’s Test & Quality Management division (XQT for short) since October 2021.

As a student of a dual study program, my colleagues have already helped me gain quite a bit of expertise in the field of software development and apply it as well, which is helping me promote my own projects and other projects that enrich my degree. In addition to implementing database systems and setting up graphic interfaces, one of the courses hosted by a colleague also introduced me to the basics of programming simple video games, which has ended up becoming a hobby of mine. Furthermore, msg is also helping me acquire professional certificates to accompany my degree, which will make it easier for me to participate in internal and customer projects going forward.

How did you end up at msg?

The company was recommended to me by an acquaintance who had had a number of positive experiences with msg. The mentality at the company and among the employees in my department tipped the scales in favor of my decision to join msg. My colleagues make every effort to actively help me troubleshoot problems. I am never thrown in the deep end and my colleagues are understanding of the fact that there are still things I do not know given how recently I started my training. I am very happy that I joined msg.

What are your favorite video games?

Personally, I like games with competitive characters the best. I like showing my ambition and competing with others - whether online or in reality - which is why games such as “League of Legends”, “Counter Strike” and “Valorant” always appeal to me.