What is your primary job as an AI consultant?

I provide content and business advice as part of AI projects in the Public Sector division. On the one hand, this involves the elicitation of the requirements for AI projects and the drafting of ways and solution approaches for making AI applications transparent and feasible on the other.

What are the most important topics of tomorrow for IT companies like msg in your opinion?

With AI projects, we are seeing that existing topic silos, such as work processes, digitalization, data management, technical infrastructure, etc., need to be better synchronized. In addition, the constantly growing pressure to innovate requires interdisciplinary solutions that are hard to map out using the organization models of ten years ago. We have to create agile organization models. That is why, in addition to topics such as agility, DevOps and big data, which remain important, I think the following are key topics of the future:

What personal items would we find on your desk?

I always have a few sticky notes and highlighters. For quick ideas, the window always comes in handy. When I work from home, my launchpad by novation and my Komplete Kontrol M32 by Native Instruments are always there with me, just waiting for me to bring my musical ideas to life with Ableton.