Florian, tell us about your career path and your main job at msg.

I joined msg’s Public Sector in 2011 as a lead business consultant, but with a definite understanding that I would quickly assume customer and staff responsibility as well. After just nine months, I was head of the Public Sector Solutions Consulting department. I have been the head of the Smart Government and Local Governments division since 2017. Within that role, I am in charge of team and staff development, as well as of the acquisition of new orders.
My current focal point is developing msg’s Smart City portfolio.

What has kept you at msg for so many years?

One of the reasons I feel so comfortable at msg is that it is an owner-managed and self-financed company that enables long-term development and sustainable planning. What I really love about my job is all the creative freedom I am given and the high degree of individual responsibility: in how I do my work as well as in when and where I do it. Flexible hours and the option to work from home are the norm at msg allowing me to perfectly balance my job and my personal life.

And how did you end up at msg back in the day?

I was first introduced to msg by a former boss who had recently joined the company. When he asked whether I could imagine switching to his team I leaped at the chance.