What is your primary job?

I really enjoy consulting in a wide variety of projects, e.g., creating new security documentation. The field of security architecture decisions is very exciting in all its facets. In addition, I spend time independently drafting protection requirement classifications for customer data, work I find to be very diverse. It keeps me in constant contact with customers as I determine solutions that function to the customer’s specific needs. What I have also found interesting is mentoring a fellow employee who has joined the team from another discipline, as it allows me to reflect on my actions and work.

Why do you enjoy working at msg?

While I was a student, I spent six semesters at msg as a student employee. The atmosphere and the friendly, unbiased and unconventional teamwork impressed me from the very first day. Anytime complications arose in a project, the team rallied together to help and support each other.
I am very pleased that I can continue growing as part of the msg family now that I have completed my studies. My work is recognized and appreciated, which allowed me to quickly move up from Associate IT Consultant to IT Consultant.
It is always a great feeling to successfully complete a project when the customers is happy with the service we provided. That kind of recognition encourages me to take on new challenges, to keep learning and to assume even more responsibility.

What sort of personal items would we find on your desk?

Right above my “cheat sheet” there is a photo from my last diving trip to Egypt. Every time I look at it, I start looking forward to the next time I can visit the underwater world and move weightlessly through the water.