What are your main jobs?

As an e-government consultant, I advise and support the public sector in the realization of modernization and digitalization projects. Public institutions hire me to provide a variety of consulting services in the field of e-government: From creating business concepts and analyses to traditional requirements engineering and project management, as well as the full preparation, execution and support of public commissioning for IT solution procurement.

What made you choose IT consulting?

I studied political science with a focus on law and politics. During my studies, I focused specifically on administration modernization and e-government, and even wrote my master’s on it. I wanted to take my theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice to drive modernization and digitalization in the public sector. That is why msg systems ag and thus IT consulting, were the right step to making my goal a reality.

How often does your position require you to travel and how often are you on-site at customer locations?

Many of my tasks can be done when working from home or the office. In my position, however, travel is part of the job. It also depends on where you live. Unlike some of my colleagues who spend a few days a week at customer locations, I tend to travel more for workshops and regular meetings. Although it varies depending on the customer and project assignment.