Who are you and what do you do?

Dear prospective applicant, welcome to the Insurance division’s website. My name is Christoph and I joined msg systems ag in 2012 as an IT consultant.

Today I am a Lead IT consultant. As a software developer, I am currently involved in an agile project, where our scrum team is creating a new platform for our customer that will soon replace their numerous policy management systems. Development is being done in the backend – which is where I work – in Java and based on JEE, and in the front-end in Angular, with IntelliJ IDEA being used as the development environment in both cases. The data is stored in a DB2 database.

What was the last training course you took?

Since I would like to become a software architect, I completed msg’s internal “IT Architect Training Program”, which lays the basis for this. Further training courses (some with certification) are held based on that course and, if I am lucky, I will be able to tackle my first architecture tasks in our projects.

When did you start coding and which programming language did you use?

My first programming experience was with QBasic as part of my IT studies; my first “real” program was a tool for the Droidwars (later D-Wars) browser game, which I wrote in Delphi – that must have been back in 2003. Today, I do most of my personal programming in Bash and Python to make my home as intelligent as possible.