What is your primary job?

Hello, my name is Christina and I have worked at msg as a project manager since June 2020. My main job as a project manager is to ensure customer projects are successful. I am currently working with a cellular network provider on expanding their network. As part of that effort, I not only perform traditional PMO tasks within my own subproject, but also reporting and escalation work for the overall project. Furthermore, I am always available to the customer to offer advice on how they can improve their project management.

What is so unique about your team?

Even though our team has grown considerably since I joined msg and now has 20 members, I absolutely love the familiar atmosphere that has established itself here. We help one another and support each other and not just when there are problems or challenges, but in general to help one another advance and grow. I truly appreciate the fact that our team has many young people, but also more experienced colleagues as well and that both groups can benefit from one another. This versatility is considered valuable instead of problematic. In addition, our team has a relatively high number of women, which makes us a good example of diversity at msg.

Are there any sports you can’t live without now?

After discovering the joy of ballet for myself three years ago, I can no longer live without dance and I relish every hour of class. I am sure everyone is familiar with the typical stereotype of a ballerina, who can do the splits and dance on their toes. However, the sport is so much more than that. Besides muscles, coordination and endurance, you need to be able to concentrate and be disciplined. All of that actually helps me in my job too.