Cagla, what is your primary job?

My main jobs are project and service management. At the moment, I am working as a project manager for a transition project where we are taking over the operating and change activities of a customer’s internal resources. My work also includes technical designing and implementation/development in the field of data processing.

Why do you enjoy working at msg?

The cultural development program at msg is not called “A People Perspective” for no reason. The work environment between colleagues and with superiors is very pleasant and respectful. In addition, msg is very supportive and encouraging in helping you achieve your own professional goals.

What was your most embarrassing fashion fail?

About 10 years ago a lot of women - myself included - thought pencil thin eyebrows were beautiful. When I look at my old photos from back then, all I can say is that it actually looked horrible! But, a past without fashion crimes would be boring, wouldn’t it? ;)