What is your primary job?

My work focuses on project management and the strategic implementation of the goals of our life science customers in the fields of manufacturing and quality operations. Our most common projects involve the development of production-related IT digitalization strategies and the implementation thereof, including system implementation and process digitalization. Furthermore, as a manager, I am in a position to help my employees grow individually, which not only actively shapes our division, but growth at msg industry advisors as a whole.

Which future-shaping topics will Life Science & Chemicals promote?

If you look at the current level of digitalization in the life science industry, you will quickly realize that there is still a lot of potential for improvement when it comes to production, which is why the major pharmaceutical companies will be facing intense digitalization visions in the next few years. That is precisely where we come in. We work with our customers to help them develop and implement an IT digitalization strategy. Topics cover fully-networked production in the form of Industry 4.0, modern topics such as VR / AR in processing as well mastering traditional “batch” productions and any “single dose” productions.

How would you describe the optimal colleague?

They would have to be laid-back, live by and represent their own and msg industry advisors’ values and be open to and curious about all area of life science. They would have team spirit instead of a “dog-eat-dog” mentality and would - please - have and never lose their personality! You should be promoted in areas you want to grow in! And if they enjoyed a good chat over an espresso / portafilter machine, (gravel) biking or jogging that would be the cherry on top.