What is your primary job?

I advise and support our customers on topics related to data protection, compliance and information security. My extensive experience as a project manager means I have the opportunity to manage teams within customer projects. My career in the German Armed Forces (twelve years as a professional soldier working in the field of IT) further means I am very familiar with the public sector. In addition, the experience I gained during that time is easily transferable to the areas of employee management, crisis management, project management and international exercises. What I find particularly interesting about my field is advising customers from a variety of industries (e.g., public sector, banking, insurance, consumer products, automotive, healthcare) and the versatility of the topics that change depending on a customer’s situation.

How did you end up at msg?

Through a fellow student and longtime, very good friend. He knew I was looking for something new and connected me to someone at msg. Five months later, we were on the same year-long customer project in Munich where we worked to advance the Europe-wide data center consolidation.

What made you choose the msg security advisors division?

Even back during my time with the German Armed Forces, the topic of information security was everywhere and I was in regular contact with the information security officers. As a result of my lengthy experience in IT operations and the associated experience of knowing where the “pain points” were, I am able to easily understand a customer’s concerns as well as those of their IT department. After leaving the German Armed Forces, I spent a few years working as a project manager and found that my knowledge in the field of information security always came in handy. That is why I decided to make a change and switch my specialty to information security. In hindsight, it was the right choice as the mix of the two fields is precisely what fascinates me.