Anja, give us a brief overview of your main responsibilities at msg!

I advise and coach the management in everything related to “New Work”. The focus is on vision development for new forms of work and organization with a special focus on the employee perspective. This includes fields such as new leadership, teamwork, collaboration, competence development, user-oriented processes, self-organized work as well as flexible work locations and hours.

My goal is to work with management to develop and establish new work concepts that are custom designed for government agencies and construct them so they are deeply rooted to last into the future.

What was your first day of work at msg like?

My first day was the msg Start Day that was hosted for all new employees that month at the headquarters in Ismaning. The Start Day gave me a really good overview of msg as a whole and I felt very welcome. I also met another new colleague whom I knew from before since we had both had the honor to participant in the biannual division workshop that had been previously hosted.

After the Start Day, my superior made a special trip just to meet me and we were able to sit down together on my second day so he could give me all the information I needed to start my job.

What is so unique about your team?

My team is (still) relatively small with just seven people. What I really like about it is that we (just like everywhere else across msg) all have different professional and academic backgrounds. Meaning, everyone is able to bring their own methods, approaches and experiences to the table. We have a lot of discussions and exchanges and everyone is happy to help everyone else out. Although we are spread across Germany, which can make things a bit more difficult than when you see one another every day, there are so many different virtual formats that we are able to work together without a problem.