What are your main responsibilities at msg, Andreas?

As a software architect, I am involved in large, complex IT systems that we create or further develop for customers. I analyze the technical challenges, design technical solutions and support our developments teams in the implementation of the software. What I find particularly appealing is that I am always working at different levels of abstraction, starting with the code itself – mostly in Java or Spring – to technical models in Enterprise Architect and even PowerPoint presentations for decision makers.

What made you choose the Public Sector division?

Before this, I spent ten years working for private business. What I like about Public Sector is that it is less driven by trends and acute market demands. Instead, this is long-term thinking and topics like security and robustness play key roles, as does profitability, of course. That is true not just of the software, but for the job itself too: As a father, having a secure, one-hundred-percent crisis-resistant job is important – good pay is too.

Where are you headed on your next vacation?

I have been dreaming of traveling across the USA again for a long time. The last time I did that was 20 years ago when I graduated from college. Then came the kids and I have not had another chance since. Now, however, my boys are grown and do not need the constant care of their parents – making it the perfect time to savor our new-found independence!